I just played Monopoly the other day, and it was a good game!
I started off with no property groups, but all four railroads. Player 1 (the person to my right) had Boardwalk, Park Place, and the three Yellows. My other opponent had the oranges, as he does every single game!
Somehow, I had next-to-no money. I eventually collected the reds as Player 2 got hotels on the light blues. It was pretty obvious that I was sunk.
I used all of my remaining cash (I even mortgaged my railroads) to buy one house on two of the reds, and two on the third. It seemed like my luck was turning when all of a sudden, both of my opponents landed on the property I had two houses. I quickly had $400, which I used to pay back Player 1 when I landed on Boardwalk the next turn.
Somehow, I avoided the hotels on the light blues, and I avoided the three houses on all of the yellows. I was making a steady income from my reds and bankrupted Player 1! 
We were playing on a time limit game, and when time ran out, I won by around $600. It just goes to show- Monopoly can change in a second! Never let your guard down, and go all-in if you have to!

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